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belongs to a brand new chemical group Phynyle Pyrazole. Fipronil acts on the insects by ingestion and by contact. Its unique mode of action as GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) inhibitor makes it different from other conventional termiticides in the market.

FIPRONIL 50SC ensure and total control against all types of termites and wood boring insects. It not only kills the termites but also acts as a deadly barrier, thus blocking the progression of the termites. FIPRONIL 50SC kills the termites in a few days and by cascade effect, eliminates the entire colony.

Fipronil 50SC | Innovative French Formula

  • Effective even at low dosage
  • Hit one Termite kill the whole colony
  • Higly Economical & Effective
  • Long Residual effects
  • Completely odorless
  • Non irritating
  • Lowest toxicity