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Pakistan Termite Control Service works with you every step of the way when it comes to freeing your home from the destruction wreaked by termites. After surveying the area and assessing foundational damage, we immediately provide you with solutions and defensive tactics to control termites and stop their havoc. We immediately put our action plan into motion to reduce the impact to your structure. Pakistan Termite Control Service will supply you with a termite control and treatment plan that addresses the size of the infestation, and prevents further damage to your home. We offer a variety of termite control methods and treatments to offer the best solution for each individual case. We also offer preventative termite treatments to impede future termite infestations before they occur. Your home or building is a large investment – we’ll ensure a termite infestation won’t get far enough to put it at risk. With documentation, an inspection report, and specified information to spread knowledge and awareness, Pakistan Termite Control Service provides you the experience and expertise to tackle any termite problem.

Termite Control in Lahore

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce Pakistan Termite Control Services as one of the fastest growing Pest Control Services provider company based at Lahore Pakistan regions with a capacity to serve you with quality working effectively 24 hours a day to satisfy customer problems & needs. We have been looking after the interest of thousands of individuals for years by protecting their homes, offices, factories, go downs etc. from Termites and other unwelcome Pests and thereby making their life more happy… safe… & comfortable… If you have been fed up with Termites and other Pest related problems and looking for a “Pakistan Termite Control Service”.... We may be the answer you are looking for. Pakistan Termite Control Service can offer you a level of highest standard with negotiable rates. Please take a moment to peruse the enclosed literature of our services that we offer. It has been our constant endeavor to uphold the image of Pakistan Termite Control Service by offering the best customer services and making our entire activities customer oriented. Our representatives shall be more than glad to assist you. We assure you of our best services always and looking forward to a long and prolific association.


belongs to a brand new chemical group Phynyle Pyrazole. Fipronil acts on the insects by ingestion and by contact. Its unique mode of action as GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) inhibitor makes it different from other conventional termiticides in the market.

FIPRONIL 50SC ensure and total control against all types of termites and wood boring insects. It not only kills the termites but also acts as a deadly barrier, thus blocking the progression of the termites. FIPRONIL 50SC kills the termites in a few days and by cascade effect, eliminates the entire colony.

Fipronil 50SC | Innovative French Formula

  • Effective even at low dosage
  • Hit one Termite kill the whole colony
  • Higly Economical & Effective
  • Long Residual effects
  • Completely odorless
  • Non irritating
  • Lowest toxicity